Been born in 1955. Graduated in Agrarian Sciences to the University of Bologna, given a degree to  Saxophone, given a degree to " Expert of Music " of the EEC, given a degree to in Jazz Music, giving a degree to in Instrumentation for Wind Band, it has studied instrument with Joe Henderson, Paul Jeffrey, Frank Strozier of the Duke University USA, David Liebman, Sergio Rigon of RAI - Milan, placing side by side to you at the same time a deepening of the composition with Emilio

Ghezzi, Ettore Ballotta, Walter Proni, Tomaso Lama and Bruno Mussini. The numerous  collaborations with names which Giorgio Gaslini, Enrico Pierannunzi, Franco Cerri, Dusko Gojkovich and others carried Alessandrini to contact with the popular italian star Paolo Conte

with which collaborated for some years. Also in field classic the collaborations are numerous to begin from the orchestra of the Theatre of Genoa, the Filarmonic Academy " Renzo Martini " of Parma, the Filarmonic Orchestra of Piacenza and the Orchestra of the Conservatory of Parma for the execution of musics of Weill, Bernstein, Prokofiev, Strawinsky, Gershwin. The composer activity has produced musics of scene for teatral jobs, agreements for the orchestra of Teatro Due of Parma, musics for saxophones and brass published from Bèrben, Pizzicato and College Music. Some of these compositions currently come to complete the repertory of " the Trio

Duke Ellington " (only professional jazz group to the world composed from three single ones saxophones) that Alessandrini directs, and that in July 1988 it has turned out to be the BETTER NEW ITALIAN JAZZ  GROUP. To this acknowledgment the recording of the Lp " Blues containing 9 originals compositions them. The tune " Studio Uno " for sax only, here content, then has turned out winning ex - aequo of the national competition of composition " New

Musical Proposals " announced publicly from RAI in 1989. The intense didactic activity through the History Seminary of the Jazz, held from 1988 to 1994 near the Institute of Musicology of the University of Parma; the collaboration to the writing of quarterly " the Saxofono ", Italian official organ of the Saxophone Association, curing of the jazz section and electronic; refresher course for teacher of the medium schools sponsors you from the Provveditorato to the Studies of Parma; he teach for Professional Institutes with course on music and theatres instituted for the formation of tourist guides; also teach to the course of saxophone to the seminaries of " Sicilia Jazz " 1989 and 1990 and the participation like soloist host to the tournée of the big-band jazz of the Center " Django Reinhardt " of Palermo. With the trio "Ellington " it has represented Italy to X the World-wide Festival of the Saxophone of 1992.

It be for 10 years first alto sax of " the Jazz Art Orchestra ", with which it has carried out tournées in USA, Spain, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lebanese, Germany and Montecarlo.

It is baritone sax of Hallo Mister Sax Ensemble of 12 sax directed from Mario Marzi.

It is currently also supervisor of the SSIS at the Modena University.




Lp "Blues" - DET - Duke Ellington trio - 1988.

Lp "Gruppo Musicisti Jazz" - Parma 1990.

Lp "Let me try again" 1990 - Reinhardt jazz studio orchestra Palermo.

CD "Swinging Partners" - Parma 1995.

CD "Hallo! Mr. Sax” ensemble - 1998.

CD "8 e ½" - Jazz Art Orchestra - 1998.

CD "Swingers Big Band" - "& Friends.." - 2000.

CD "Mattia's walk" - A. Tofanelli - Splasch 2000.

CD "Gershwin Tribute" - Hallo! Mr. sax Ensemble - 2003.

CD "Accendi la tua luce" - DET - Duke Ellington Trio - 2003.

CD "In Itinere" vol. 1 - DET - Duke Ellington trio - MAP records 2004.

CD "Miss New Orleans" - Mantua Studio big band - 2005.

CD "Happy Xmas" - Mantua Studio big band - Ed. Paoline 2008.

CD "Jazz Classics" - DET - Duke Ellington trio - 2010.

Pierluigi Alessandrini Alto sax, flute, percussioni,

voice and arrangements.

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Lp “Blues” - 1988

Lp “Gruppo Musicisti Jazz—Parma” - 1990

CD “Accendi la tua luce” - 2003


CD “Jazz Classics” - 2010

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CD “In Itinere” - 2004

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