Pierluigi Alessandrini

alto sax, voice, kazoo, percussions

Luigi Storchi

tenor sax, voice

Alessandro Creola

baritone sax, voice, percussions

This group, formed by three saxophones, is remarkable for the peculiarity of its performances. Its birth reascends to January 1988 when Pierluigi Alessandrini, following the classic chamber – music model, writing some tunes in jazz mood for sax trio without the contribute of any rhythmic accompainment instrument.

The new music idea roused a initial confusion, but successively an affectionate participation of lovers followed the new themes, thick of very involved colours and images.

The confirmation of the creative intuition arrived after few months, in 1988, when it wins the ‘Forlì’ competition between the new jazz groups of the year.

The ‘Musica Jazz’ italian jazz magazine wrote commendable words for the originality and professionalism of ideas.

In 1989 the composition ‘Studio Uno’, from the album ‘Blues’, wins ex aequo the first prize in the RAI Competition ‘New Music Proposal’; for this reason the ‘D.E.T.’ has been invited to represent Italy to the ‘Pesaro – XI Saxophone World Congress’, in September 1992, and to the ‘Liublijana – XIV Saxophone World Congress’, in July 2006.

In September 2003 D.E.T. has participated to the “Perugia Classico” exhibition.

In has passed the first two preselections of the T.I.M. ‘Tournoi International de la Musique’ competition and next October it will be in Provence (South France) where it will meet the semi final of the above competition.

In June 2006 and June 2009 perform at the ‘Worms—Jazz&Joy’ festival, near Frankfurt.

For the reached results, a contract has been signed with MAP Co. in Milan for the issue of 2 CD in Oct. 2004, dedicated to the music of XVI century Viadana country composers revised in jazz clef, always for three sax, and a second CD in Oct. 2009, titled “Jazz Classics”.

The target of the Duke Ellington Trio is to lead everybody to participate in the numerous ‘Sax Vision’, one of the most important instrument of the jazz music, touching the original compositions and the others take off from the great Jazz tradition.

The concert will try to give a picture of the polyhedric music production where the sax is the protagonist, illustrating the contribution to the various styles by this ductile and malleable instrument.



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tutte le copertine/cover from all CD

Lp “Blues” - 1988

Lp “Gruppo Musicisti Jazz—Parma” - 1990

CD “Accendi la tua luce” - 2003


CD “Jazz Classics” - 2010

Il progetto

Foto in studio di registrazione / pictures from recording studio

Sostegno a Telethon


CD “In Itinere” - 2004

Il progetto


Giorgio Gaslini

Mario Marzi        

Ward Swingle                

Claudio Fasoli

I Musicisti ispiratori:

Lodovico “Grossi” da Viadana

Giacomo Moro

I collaboratori al CD:

Gruppo vocale “Blue Penguin” -

Il concerto e i luoghi

In concerto di presentazione del CD a Viadana—2004

Luoghi di produzione della musica a Viadana nel XVI secolo



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